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What is a carer?

A carer is a family member or friend that looks after another person who needs support as a result of age, frailty, physical, emotional or learning disability or who has mental health needs or abuses drugs or alcohol.

A carer's role can include:

  • Keeping an eye on someone to make sure they are safe.
  • Helping to make their meals or doing housework or shopping
  • Helping them with washing feeding or dressing
  • Making sure that medication is taken or collected on time
  • Providing emotional support to someone in their own home
  • Reminding them to do things they can no longer remember to do

If you do any of the above or something similar for a family member or friend that needs assistance then you may be that person’s carer even though you feel that you are only doing what you need to do to keep that person safe and well.

A carer can be any age, even under the age of 18 (often referred to as a Young Carer) and parents of disabled children.