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What Words Mean

On this page you will find a list of words and what they mean.


Someone who can help you tell people what you want and don't want.



This looks at what you can do and what you would like to do and what support you will need to do these things.


Care Coordinator

Someone who will work with you to find out what help you need.

Social Worker

Care Plan

This tells people working with you about yourself, what you like and don't like to do.

Care Plan

Chemist (Pharmacist)

Someone who gives medicine to people when a Doctor says they need it and they tell people how to use the medicine in the correct way.


Chiropodist (Foot Doctor)

This is someone who can cut toenails, remove corns and deal with any pain you may have in your feet.


Day Opportunities

Activities which take place at different locations in Darlington such as Lakeside Lodge or The Links.

Lakeside Lodge

Direct Payments

This is money people are given so they can decide on their own what services they would like to buy.

Direct payment

Obesity (Being Overweight)

Obesity is when there is a lot of fat in your body, which happens when someone eats a lot of food and doesn't do  a lot of exercise. Being overweight can be bad for your health.



Someone you would visit to get your eyes tested and glasses fitted. They can look at your eyes through a special machine and can tell if there is anything wrong with your eyesight.


Person Centred Plan

This is a plan of what you would like to do in your life and how you will work towards this with the support you need from friends, family and carers.

Person Centred Plan

Person Centred Review

Someone will talk with you to see if you are happy with the support you receive or if you need more or less services.



This is when someone contacts the Learning Disability Service to let them know that someone needs help.


Respite Care

This is when someone stays somewhere else for a few nights to give the person looking after them a break.


Statement of Need

This tells people who work with you what help you may need.

Statement of Need